Thursday, December 11, 2014

Week 10: What we have learned from the course

What we have learned from the course

First week:

We were introduced to know one another through the making the learning blogs to share, learn, and comments on each other’s posts. We could know how to create blogs for posting our ideas to show to the others. It is great tool for sharing, learning , and commenting.

Second week:

We learned the ABCD tool for setting the clear objectives for our lesson plan before teaching our students. It is a good tool to use in order to verify the lesson objectives and we also learned  the three kinds of objectives(cognitive, affective and psycho-motor) and Boom’s  Taxonomy . Moreover, we were introduced the ways of searching on the web engines more effectively.

Third week:

We learned the oral skill-building websites so that we could use some useful websites to help teach the oral skill, speaking skill, or pronunciation. Then we learned how to bookmark many useful websites to learn from next time though creating the Delicious account to save them, so next time we won’t forget those important sites for learning.

Fourth week

We learned from many helpful reading/ writing websites such as, which is a good site to make the template for teaching, and which is what we can register to learn from many researchers and we can upload ours to share ,too. They both are good websites to learn from and I like the most. More than this, we learned the techniques and formats of writing lesson plans so that we can modify and update later by storing in google drive.

Fifth week

We started to devise our project plan for our final. It was very nervous during that time because I have never learned like this, and I did know what to do by my own self. But we could just draft what we want to do as a plan. Then we learned how to use the WebQuest tool to design the course template for teaching and learning, but it is not free for all applications in it. I really like that tool, but I could unfortunately not use it in full because it requires payment. However, we could design our own rubrics freely from the Rubistar tool. It is great to design our own assessment rubric.

Sixth week

We could learn some ideas suggested by  Alan C.McLean on the five points to be considered  in teaching  are reduction of coercion, active learner involvement, experience before interpretation, avoidance of oversimplification, the value of silence. They are great ideas to think of before planning a lesson to teach students. We could also design the interactive lesson plan through PowerPoints storing in the Google Drive which can make us easy to update later.

Seventh week
We could learn some ideas related to learning autonomy, using one computer in the classroom, and using mobile devices to help the teaching and learning process.  We learned how to boost the self-learning, how to assign students to work together by using only one computer, and the 20 ideas of Hayo Reinders  to consider in using the mobile devices to help students learn from more effectively. Moreover, we could know some free-ebook websites to help our teaching as well.

Eighth week

We learned some ideas from our guest Mr. Jeff Magoto  in using ANVILL to teach, and we drafted some ideas to design the project plan for our final.

Week nine

We learned the different learning styles suggested by Howard Gardner of Multiple Intelligences and we could know the learning strategies. Moreover, we finished our project plan by the deadline, but it was not good enough I think.

Week 10

I have already done what the course requires me to do and I have learned a lot from the course up to now even though I have not done it so well, but it was a great thing to learn.

Great thanks to US Embassy in Phnom Penh for supporting my study, million thanks to Courtney Cunningham my Instructor and all instructors, director and coordinators from University of Oregon.


  1. Hi Loeurn,

    Fantastic weekly recap! It is very comprehensive.
    I am sure you will have a great teaching career, given your dedication to learn new things.

    Always be happy!
    Sharmila, India

  2. Hello Loeurn,
    Thank you for taking this course. I hope you have benefited so, much form it that you would put into practice.
    It has been amazing collaborating in our project.
    It is great you have completed the course successfully. I hope there would be another opportunity for future teamwork.

    Abdesalam ZOUITA

  3. Hi Loeurn!

    Great job on your Week 10 post, you've done such a detailed reflection about the course!
    You will certainly put everything you've learnt into practice and take advantage from all the tools and resources we have explored during these weeks.

    All the best,
    Lore from Argentina